Log Home Packages + Materials: What You Need to Know

How to compare log home packages when no two are the same.

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Your dream home begins with a package. But where to even begin with packages? Let’s start with the basics.

A log home package will contain the building blocks for your new home. And if you’ve begun your log home shopping, or even just started studying up on the process, you may have noticed that most manufacturers offer a range of packages, from just the logs (and the odds and ends that help make them into walls) to the “complete” package option.

You may have also noticed that different manufacturers will have similar-sounding packages, and yet no two are quite the same. Since a log home package can contain everything from just the logs to most of the materials that will constitute your new home, it’s complicated figuring out exactly what one package from one company means, much less comparing multiple packages from multiple companies.

Adding to the already complicated equation, a package’s ultimate cost is significantly shaped by a list of variables, like your materials: log species, window styles and brands, flooring, and roofing styles and design. The list of decisions goes on and on (and on…).

Deciding on the details of your log home design is hard enough, without having to decipher the marketing speak of different companies’ different packages. How does the typical buyer, entering into this effort for the first time, wade through and comprehend all of these variations? You could try to dictate to the manufacturers exactly what you want in your package, but do you know what those components are?

You already have enough decisions to make about your log home; BAR IV can help you cut through the din of marketing jargon when it comes to materials and packages. With our vast experience putting together log home packages, we know and understand the value of specific components and their possible variations. Plus, we can identify which styles and options can best benefit each individual client. Bar IV has the unique knowledge and experience to wade through a variety of manufacturers and their offerings in order to streamline those best suited to achieve your desired result at the right price.

Learn more about how we can help here, and set up a consultation!

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