The True Cost of a Log Home

From full packages to the fine print, here’s what you need to know.

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When making big decisions, it’s the little details, that, if overlooked, can result in BIG dollars. Never is that truer than with a custom home. Aside from aesthetics and practicalities, you’ll have to take cost into significant consideration when planning your new log home.

Here are a few cost factors you’ll need to consider as you plan financially for your log home:

Does this price represent the starting or ultimate cost?
As mentioned in the previous blog post, one of the largest factors in the cost of your log home is the package. Ultimately that final package price tag is determined by choices like size, log species, windows, flooring, and roofing.

Perhaps you’ve heard the rumor that you can estimate the turn-key cost of your home by multiplying the complete package price by a certain multiplier. That’s a tricky task (and risky calculation!) in that package components–and therefore price–can vary wildly.

Let’s say the common multiplier is 3x, and you have three package proposals, ranging in price from $100k to $200k. That leaves you a very confusing price range of $300k to $600k!

Bar IV Log Homes Consulting knows what to ask for in a package, how to do an accurate “apples to apples” comparison, and what questions to ask when it comes time to determine the FINAL numbers you need in order to make the right decision for your family.

Is this discount I’m being offered beneficial…or a sales tactic?
We can work with you to determine if huge discounts and other high-pressure tactics are beneficial or simply a sales distraction.

Hard-to-believe opportunities often come with hidden costs and log homes are no exception. Pressure to “Act now – before it’s too late!” or “Get the last unit left at this price!” and other pitches are often employed to encourage a homebuyer to commit quickly.

We’ll dial down the pressure to ensure you make a sound, savvy decision.

What’s in the fine print?
Our old friend “fine print” is alive and well, especially in the log home industry where contracts and deposits are just part of the process. Manufacturer contracts can range from less than one full page to dozens of pages.

Curious about what deposit requirements might be? Initial deposit requirements range from as little as 10% to as much as 50%, and in some cases, a second (or even third) deposit may be required. We’ll help you navigate what these are for and if your financial institution will comply. Mostly importantly, we’ll help you figure out if YOU can and should comply.

How we can help:
Drawing on our 25+ years of experience putting together log home packages, we know and understand the pricing and costs associated with buying and building a log home. We can share this insider knowledge with you to ensure that you are confident in your ability, timing, and budgeting in order to make your log home dreams into reality!

Schedule a log home consultation today!

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